A Tribute:

From the Marvelous Captain's Vault of V7's Mission Possible in Search for the Finest Absolute Truth in the World

....in dedication to my Many Dads and 4 Brothers by a 'True Man' & a 'True Brother'

*** The Raiders of the Saint ***

'The Truth of the Light' 

 *****Heavenly and Earthly Celestial Galaxy Star Command *****


The Bull & the Heather in the Age of Aquarius

True Tribal Love in the Crystal Ship Exclusive Subterranean Paradisiacal 7th Republic Sub-Government 

Jöttem. Láttam.  Hóditotam.

Veni.   Vidi.  Vici.

I Came.  I Saw.  I Conquered.

Glory to the 'Gold Rush in 1848-1849 California' & the Revolution and the War of Independence in 1848-1849

...composed by the Real Legendary Magyar CrackerJack Glorious Robin Hood & the good 'Prince of Miami


Heaven on Earth.  American Suburban Paradise Realized.